Stefan and Crystal Wedding

New year, new me, right? Well, that was almost certainly the case with Stefan and Crystal’s wedding as they got married without us even seeing 2 weeks of the new year. As is the case with any wedding, Stef and Crystal’s wedding was a special affair. Tucked away in the Heidelberg valley, Stone Cellar was a perfect backdrop to what would amount to an even more perfect day. From a photographer’s point of view, there was pretty light, pretty views, and even a pretty couple to boot. From a human perspective, we had two individuals from diverse backgrounds who were very much in love, with two families coming together with all of the love and blessings anyone could fathom. Cath (my second photographer) will tell you that she has never seen me more excited about couple’s photos than at this specific wedding. And whilst weddings are like children to me (I can’t pick a favourite), I really did enjoy the photographic opportunities, as well as the relationships that I got to build throughout the course of this wedding.

Stef, Crystal, congratulations from the bottom of my heart.