Jono and Nicole Wedding

Being a wedding photographer can sometimes be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. More often than not, I have been in the situation where I am photographing someone I went to school with, or studied with, or met in some kind of close social gathering. Being able to be the photographer at someone’s wedding who you know, and have become friends with, makes the experience that much more fulfilling. Jono and Nicole’s wedding was just such an occasion. Nicole and I went to school together (albeit many years ago), but we’ve always been part of wider friendships circles. We’re both industrial engineers, which made the process even more interesting. Nestled away in the outskirts of Pretoria, the venue, Bel Amour, is an interesting blend of typical Gauteng wedding venue, and Cape Winelands with its arrangement of vineyards. It provided the perfect backdrop to what would be an amazing day. Jono and Nicole, I am so absolutely honoured that you decided on me as your wedding photographer (I know it took you a while to make the right decision ;) ), and I hope that your futures are filled with unquantifiable amounts of love.

Photographer: Henry Marsh

Assistant: Cath Tatham

Venue: Bell Amour

Wedding Band: Monkeys Wedding

DJ: Fame Production

Flowers: Love Beloved

Dresses: Dresses By Jacqui